Terms & Conditions


Though all our products are being thoroughly checked before shipping, it is still possible to receive a defective or damaged item. For this reason and for the reasons such as human errors, we ask you to inspect the products in your order upon receiving it. 
If the client is not satisfied with the purchased goods, he has the right to return the goods to the seller within 14 days from receiving the goods, with the condition that the goods was not in use and the goods wasn’t damaged. In this case, the customer have to notify the seller of his desire to return the item in writing form and obtain confirmation from the seller within 48 hours. Postal expenses for returning the goods to the seller pays the buyer. The seller does not refund the money for the shipping expenses, which were paid by buyer before (for shipping from seller to buyer). The seller have to notify the buyer within 48 hours about receiving goods, after the receiving goods, that was returned to seller by buyer and after checking the received goods, the seller will return to the buyer 100% of the cost of goods, in case the goods have not been in use and they weren’t damaged.
We take care of our reputation and will do everything possible, in order to satisfy you!

Thank you, Olivewood-market team